K. Sweet and…


🧂 Cooking up conscious behavior is a flavor which requires a delicate palette and discerning wrists. Sprinkle, sprinkle bitches.

Now Minting…

A long time ago, a blog was written to lay bare what rests beneath the veil of mental health recovery.

A key was forged, opening the gateway to wholistic transformation and a mission cultivating conscious co-creative expression in lands near and ethereal, for a great warrior wielded her pen against the forces of social conditioning.

Alas, the great body of work was sacrificed.

With great reverence, a new literary space emerged to re-inspire Collective accountability of personal development. Beyond the realm of cookie traps is a path to carve yourself.

This may well be a beacon of light in the dark, or yet another stepping stone on your journey. Contents should not be read under pressure; breathe, let it sink in.

Before the coming,
  • Part 2: Shamans and Alienisms
    Strange occurrences that have led to radical growth on a path of healing are not rare, perhaps untold. Here, the focus is on energetics. Part 1 introduced the concept of Shadow Self through the archetype of Peter Pan, thanks to an esoteric link in tarot. In this chapter, we reach beyond the fairytales on the…More
  • The Peter Pans versus The Integrated Shadow Selves
    (In the next blog post, Part 2: Shamans and Alienisms… something about Mormonism and their belief in aliens, maybe Scientology too, but really lets discuss energetics.) Hook. A tarot reader sat down at a bar and ordered a drink. Maybe she had her cards this time, maybe not. On occasion, she will grace the polished…More
  • A Little Catch Up With That Salt?
    Prolific writing used to come so quickly when it was just me and the swift seas of undergraduate nomadic studies, living life to its fullest. Bright rays of quantum blades, bursting forth the coolness against hot skin. How else is one supposed to experience existence? Condom-mints only get you so far in life when you…More
  • Online Book Blog 1
    Initially, blog writing became of interest as a means to synthesize the reactions to the process of healing with art. Art as it shows up in this form, as free-form writing and poetry, might resemble an article or manifesto or two. I dunno, the writing happened for a long time, then it stopped. Well, it…More

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